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 The Phyllis Phund was created in honor of Phyllis Mitra, who passed away suddenly in 2008, so her legacy could continue to give to those in need even in her death.  Her grandson, Angelo Mitra, was born with down syndrome in 2009, which inspired the family to create something larger than life.  The Phyllis Phund is a 501(c)3 created by Phyllis’s children and daughter-in-law. We love and miss our mom tremendously, and this allows us to keep her giving spirit alive.  


Our Causes


The Phyllis Phund gives 100% of all money raised to all families in need but especially close to our hearts are families who have children with Down syndrome.  Some of our favorite traditions that we have adopted is to donate a Christmas to these families and to "Phyllis Phund" families.  You may see us around Missouri and Indiana just passing out gift cards to someone we meet on the streets:) Phyllis and her late husband, Mike, were extremely generous people. Their children now pass along their amazing generosity to those who need it most WHEN they need it most. 



Family to Support


The Phyllis Phund is on the list of IRS charitable organizations, and does their best to host at least one fundraising event annually. We accept family stories anytime of the year, so please throw your name or a loved one’s name into the pot to see if our non profit can help make your lives easier. Please give a detailed description of the family dynamics and why you or your loved one should be chosen to receive a Phyllis Phund Christmas this year. We cannot wait to here from you!

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Please give a detailed description of your family situation or a loved one’s family situation to see if you or your loved one will be our next lucky recipient. 

The Phyllis Phund

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